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The Health Detectives have dissolved – see blog below

The Health Detectives are diversifying!

Dear Patients
After a good many years working together as The Health Detectives, Gitti and Lise are going to be working on their own separate therapies and businesses from June 1st 2016.

We would both like to say how much we have appreciated your customer loyalty and many of you have recommended us to others over the years. Your support has been most welcome.

Gitti will be available for coaching/counselling for any issues you are struggling with, from confidence, anxiety, work and home relationships, (using NLP techniques) from home near Haverfordwest or at The Ark. There is also a skype NLP service for anyone who would rather have some or all of their coaching by skype, saving travel time. The hours are very flexible for this service. She will be doing some kinesiology testing from home, and also pet testing will be available through hair samples.

Lise will still be available at The Ark providing a number of different therapies, including the Health MOTs and allergy testing you are used to. These sessions will also include nutritional advice as she has teamed up with nutritional therapist Amy Desborough.
If you have an appointment date with us after June 1st, there is no need to amend your diary.
You can be seen by Lise and Amy. Lise will make contact and confirm your appointment in due course.

We wish you all the very best of health!
 You are welcome to get in touch with either of us through the contacts below.

Gitti Coats                                                                  Lise Matthews
01437 741176 / 0785 474 2079                            01437 767499 / 07811 074 068
email gitti@personpower.co.uk                        email@nutritiondetectives.co.uk
skype gittisky                                                            www.nutritiondetectives.co.uk

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Teenagers under tremendous exam stress. March & April is the time to act.

Calling all parents before EXAM time hits home

So many parents and teenagers are facing intense exam – we see a lot of young patients who are struggling with the stress and burden of the current education system. Often it can be overwhelming and we see very bright capable young people who suddenly develop panic attacks, and can’t even attend classes, or have digestive problems that can make being at school an even greater challenge. other parents have brought their children to us  because they cannot get the facts and figures into their heads however much they revise or even are tutored… we test the brain to see what is going on and often some good quality supplements can really help revision  IF not left to just before the exams!

So March is a good month for getting your stressed out teenagers an MOT and some support. We would happily give talks to parent groups (with the kids there too is great) to give tips on better sleep, diet and of course how we test the brain using natural non-invasive muscle tests to give your children a really good chance to perform their best without feeling overly emotional and stressed by it all. We are parents too so would love to help!

If you would like to get a big group of parents and kids together in for example your school or college, we could come and do a talk to your there.  Contact us with your ideas.

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Are you adrenally exhausted?

Summer time  – a few things spring to mind to share with you.

Summer – great for daylight to top up the Vit D ; and hopefully a lot of relaxed activity outside to unwind. We are having a little time off in clinic so have reduced the number of clinic days but we are still around so call if you need to book. It’s been lovely meeting a few family members of our regulars who are here visiting from overseas ! Welcome to Pembrokeshire all of you!

One condition that is catching our attention a lot is ADRENAL EXHAUSTION.  Increasingly in younger people which is very sad. But all ages seem overloaded. This isn’t something that can just be corrected with a few supplements and a weekend catching up on sleep. Be honest .. those of you who have been under stress or run ragged for years… caring for whoever and however many.. while holding down jobs , juggling difficult relationships, families, neighbours… you could all be suffering from some stage of adrenal fatigue. It will take some lifestyle changes as well as reducing those stresses you can intervene in, and also maybe finding some new skills in yourself to ‘say no’ or put down some healthy boundaries – before you are out the other side.

I have been working with some lovely people this summer doing NLP (coaching/counselling) and the common factor among them and many of our patients – is …. OVERLOAD … and a lack of energy and tools to effectively say “stop the world… I want to get off!”.  So along with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming ) tools and health interventions,  it will also take nutritional changes for many people , and lifestyle improvements – such as delegating serious responsibilities and getting sustained rest/sleep and at times… new freedoms from old pressures. Easier said than done… but there are many helping options once we are lucky enough to recognise the patterns and say ” yes! That sounds like me!”… then our recovery can start.

There are many symptoms of adrenal exhaustion, from small changes to big crashes.. you can all google these if you feel this article talks to you. I have pushed my own adrenals to creaking point, and here is the catch.. it can be doing things you WANT to do .. and in situations that you LIKE… it’s just when there are no breaks in the action or demands… and you keep trying to wring a bit more juice out of those empty adrenals… you are on borrowed time.

Our hormone system (which includes the adrenals) is a fantastic regulating system to get us through life’s challenges – but once the cracks of strain and over use start showing, we can get a cascade of symptoms – headaches, anxiety and panic attacks, thirst / salt imbalances, odd pains, apathy, loss of libido, hot flushes, digestive problems, depression and so on and on and on. Easy too to start to rely on unnatural pick-me-ups where alcohol dulls the pain or calms the hyped up nerves …and coffee cranks us up for the next round…  we can all recognise those patterns.

The Health Detectives work to restore balance and foster deeper long lasting health. We have others we can recommend as part of your journey – old exhausting habits can take some breaking and we recognise how hard it can be – but we are bursting with help so before things really get on top of you or someone you care about – , help them realise they can stop that hamster wheel and start peddling in the other direction !

This summer for many people means extra childcaring responsibilities and self care routines if in place at all, can get hijacked by little people. So plan to start getting on track soon – and  give us a call as autumn approaches and you get the chance to make some ‘me time’. Its always good to be on track before the winter blues weaken your resolve… because if you are adrenally exhausted.. chances are you will feel the winter blues far more than many.

Treating yourself to an overhaul could be the best preparation for the coming term time and autumn to winter season… seeing as we are not allowed to find a big soft bear… and hibernate with it!  Sweet dreams!

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Calling All Patients!

Calling All Patients! Could you help us with feedback & testimonials please!

Following some useful feedback from a patient the other day – we have a request to our lovely patients – past and present – to help the future ones! The feedback was that the man giving it, had looked through ALL our testimonials to look for patients with the same complaint as his, to see if we could help with those issues.

He did find what he was looking for – but it did remind us that we have been.. well .. more than a little inconsistent when it comes to asking patients for a ‘before, during and after assessment’ for our files. The after bit is often what people think of as a ‘testimonial’ and we would ask for permission to use the testimonials on the website – as clearly (thank you mr X) they are looked through with good reason.

If you could help us ‘catch up’ with our admin – by writing as best as you can what brought you in.. then your experiences of our health testing and natural remedies given … and finally if you have got through the main treatments and perhaps only have an annual MOT or come as and when you need some help – perhaps you could write us a Testimonial – So for now, please use the existing testimonial forms on the home page – and expand as appropriate.

Most of the info will be for our records – but perhaps you could highlight which text you would be happy for us to add on the website as a testimonial paragraph for future patients wondering which treatments to choose – and the name you would be happy to have with the testimonial .

Many thanks to you all! You are welcome to simply email us your feedback and testimonials – to contact@thehealthdetectives.co.uk or post / drop in at the clinic.

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What can you do to help school children cope with exam and learning pressures?

What can you do to help school children cope with exam and learning pressures?

In our clinic in West Wales we have been seeing more teenagers and school children in the past 2 years than ever before – with stress and anxiety issues, which for them result in either difficulties taking in any more information or revising well, or even panic attacks which stop them attending most of their classes altogether. This is so hard for them as their self confidence plummets, and terrible for their parents to witness, as their children’s hopes and ambitions shrink before their very eyes.

Often a very common sense mixed tool kit can help kids back on track in a short time. The stresses of modern school life can mean that nutritional deficiencies, toxins, and confidence issues all pile up until something gives.

We often find that where children struggle to learn – their brain shows up as struggling either with toxins, electromagnetism, or a lack of some key nutrients such as B vitamins or top quality good oils… literally what our grandmothers would have called ‘brain food’… so provided they get the best quality brands (as opposed to the cheap and rubbishy mass produced dead-in-the-pot supermarket versions) of the RIGHT supplements for that child – things can improve rapidly. Not only their ability to handle and process information at school, but also their moods, state of calm and ability to cope with pressure.

Sleep and other behaviours can really suffer at times like this, and kids who have been fit and well until these episodes take them and their family by surprise – can usually benefit from a thorough health MOT and being matched with the right remedies for their specific needs for a short term treatment programme. Timing can be important – firstly not to let the slide go on too long as the young person’s confidence seems to take a huge knock – so the longer it goes on the more confidence rebuilding work they will have to do to get back to square one. Among the therapeutic tools we offer at The Health Detectives clinic, Gitti can do private NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) sessions with the young person with or without parents, and on skype to look at self confidence and strategies for coping when they dive back into school life … or want to come out of the difficulties they find themselves in. This sort of coaching/counselling is short term, enjoyable and informative – and gives a back ground support while the remedies prescribed at the MOT can have time to take effect.

With the main external exams coming up in early summer – if your child or you yourself as a student – recognise any of the issues in this article – please allow time for any treatments to work. We would recommend doing an initial MOT as soon as you can so that balanced biochemistry , hormones, sleep and energy levels can hopefully be restored in time for a good revision period – where calm learning will maximise retention and retrieval of information at the exams – so the earlier in the year you decide to get support, the more time for quality revision and participation in school life again.

Coming to clinic : If you are worried about getting to us because of where you live or because you would have to miss school, we are happy to make a start on your testing with a HAIR SAMPLE – though if you are able to come in person we prefer this for the first session ideally. But follow ups could be made using a hair sample and we email you the report and new prescription each time. So getting up to speed can take very little time on your part – just look on our website for more details on the HAIR TESTING PAGE – may school become a much easier experience for everyone involved – and good luck in those exams!

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Problems with fats? May even have had your gallbladder removed?

Here’s the good news: You can safely use coconut oil and it’s so good for you. Coconut oil doesn’t need bile or pancreatic enzymes for digestion. You’ve probably heard all the good press on coconut oil being helpful for alzheimers, thyroid, digestion, brain etc. Use it for cooking, baking, skin moisturiser, hair treatment, sun protection – it’s superb!

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WiFi at home?

Just ask yourself whether the wireless router needs to be switched on all the time? It’s very easy to simply switch off or unplug when it’s not in use or at least when you are at work and at night. This will save you electricity, money and not least not be the same threatening health concern for some people. Also make sure the router isn’t placed under your bed, on a wall where your bed or favourite chair is just on the other side of the wall. This may all help keeping you well!

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Keeping your head above water! A few tips from 5000 years ago…

Having heard an interesting talk about acupuncture a few days ago by Chris Ashdown at The Ark, haverfordwest, it prompted me to write some words of encouragement along the preventative thinking line!

Acupuncture which has been well tried and tested (handbooks date back some 5000 years, no I haven’t added an extra 0) looks at the whole person’s life as do many of us in natural therapies. Interestingly the chinese doctors were only paid for WELL patients… I think that would focus some practices in the NHS!  They would look at whether people were living appropriately for the ‘seasons’ of the year … or of their life, with the over all aim of conserving their ‘Chi’ or energy reserves to be in good health for life, not just youth! The chinese system talks of different chi from that we are born with (ancesteral) which is really hard to replace once lost, so has to be conserved by living appropriately. Then there is the energy we do (or don’t) get from our food, and so on.

Chris gave a winter example that we can all relate to – winter is the season of drawing in energy and not expending it unwisely, its when animals would hybernate for example, and NOT be rushing round flat out christmas shopping and wrapping presents into the night after a full on day’s work and a further hammering from all the xmas sweets and alcohol. Basically it’s when our energetic body wants to be curled up in a blanket by a fire with no big demands until Spring, so that  the whole cycle of growth and energy can start again.  How TRUE!

So we all know the pressures but what of the health consequences? Having drained our reserves, we all know people who get run down, get a bad cold or flu over xmas (when their adrenalin stops keeping them going as soon as they have reached xmas and done all the preparations)… and often soon afterwards many more people feel depressed. Again this can be the biochemical burnout taking hold. The immune system is often compromised and this has many effects, and even things we may not think of, such as effecting night sweats, photosensitivity (over sensitive to day light or electromagnetic sources such as computer screens and mobiles), and perhaps allowing existing imbalances such as gut fungus and candida, parasites, IBS , and our defenses in general to suffer.

If we are depressed biochemically it is hard to motivate ourselves to do useful energy measures such as exercise or good diet that takes a little more time and planning. In come sugars and quick to grab things that perhaps further upset the gut balance – hello bloating, headaches, constipation and insomnia. We can so easily set off a long chain reaction and find ourselves living at half our physical potential.  Watch out spouses.. this won’t help our sense of humour.

Chris explained that in some traditional hospitals you would be sent for different treatments depending on your level of need (or the state you had got yourself into!) They would look first at the food you are eating and the situation you are in – sleep, pollution, lifestyle etc. Then they might give you some foul tasting herbs to deal with immediate issues, like parasites, before sending you for acupuncture for deeper rooted energy and meridian imbalances which effect the running of the whole system. I guess without Chi we are like robots rather than human beings ?!

Oh and there are even hospitals with tree lined avenues for patients to do their daily ‘prescribed Qui Gong’ exercises which work on specific health systems, organs and conditions! A prescription for exercises – now that would be a useful lesson over here – so if any of you want to check out the little films which show you qui gong exercises – basically you get well gradually by doing these standing still postures daily – so not strenuous at all, the link is http://www.qigonghealingarts.org/qigong-exercises/master-lam-kam-chuen-free-qigong-videos/

But for now – looking after your whole system at this time of the year is going to set the tone of what the spring and summer can bring you in your life. So reboost your system by nurturing and perhaps consider having a thorough health MOT with us over the next month at The Ark, Haverfordwest.  We can see where you are biochemically and even energetically, and work with you to make sure 2012 is a year where you won’t have to face the challenging economic and employment situation in an already depleated state.

Don’t worry if you are not local to us – we will certainly do MOT’s at a distance if you send us a HAIR SAMPLE – see else where on this site for details – its fast and easy to send in your form and a hair sample, and we will test it as fully as we test patients in person – but please put as much detail as possible on your form. If you need supplementation it’s better to know now, so that it would have a chance to rebuild you well before spring when you will want to be enjoying a new year! You are not alone – we have all been over doing things and are now busy picking up the pieces for a spring clean of our health. Now… where did I put my Vit B2 ?

To your very good health!

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This really made us smile

And probably sums up what some of our new patients think. Read this feedback from a new patient after her first treatment:

Dear Lise & Gitti
I have been meaning to write to you for over a week but with Christmas and everything I did not get around to it.
Just to let you know that, since seeing you on 13th December, I have greatly improved. About a week after starting taking the Chromium and Omega 3, 6 and 9 tablets the diarrhoea stopped! I still have days where things are not right but I would say I am about 90% better.
I must admit that, when I left your clinic that day, I did wonder what on earth those tablets would have to do with curing diarrhoea and I did find the whole consultation a bit strange (thought I was having my hair tested) but I am so glad I came and saw you both. I don’t know what your secret is but it works!
I look forward to seeing you again in February.

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Side effects to your medication?

If you’re on medication from your GP or hospital and you experience any side-effects, please go onto this website to register your side-effects and to warn others. This includes side-effects from vaccines.

Other people need to know in case they are thinking of going onto a certain drug. If they’re checking it out online, it’s because they’re in doubt and are looking to find anybody else’s experiences and any risk factors.

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